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Household water insecurity survey in the Hout catchment

Water is a vital resource for life, and its security is a growing concern. The consequences of drought and water scarcity are projected to become more prevalent due to climate change. Yet, there remains a lack of an appropriate tool to address the issues of household water insecurity. Macro-level scales fail to capture the lived emotions at a local level. Such measurement is necessary for improved policy planning and program development. In South Africa, there is an increasing growth of rural and peri-urban population. In such a context, perceived emotions play a crucial role in bridging the gap between citizens and local municipalities. The developed bottom-up, micro-level household water insecurity scale focused not only infrastructure but also the socio-economic, socio-ecohydrological, political, and emotional aspects of human wellbeing.

Here is a sneak-peek through a 1-minute field video.

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